Apr 28, 2011

Eat more Pavlova!

My favourite food has to be a freshly baked Pavlova cake. It’s a type of meringue with a crispy crust and soft, light inner. It’s a dessert that originates from New Zealand and we mainly eat it at summer time barbeques, around the Christmas period or other special occasions. However I can eat it anytime, especially when it’s topped with some delicious cream and a serving of fresh kiwifruit and strawberries. Yum!

Some Australians claim it as their national dessert but we all know that is not true, I guess they are just jealous that we thought of it first. Anyway, all this talking about food makes me hungry.


Jeff said...

My wife makes a mean Pav, Onno...yes, she's an Aussie. ;)

Onno Knuvers said...

Jeff, you're very lucky, it's not easy to make a Pavlova. I've tried and failed miserably ;)