Dec 5, 2011

Hello SFG!

I am an illustrator in Maryland who has joined
your merry band and wanted to share some of
my illustrations! Here are a couple of recent ones:

This is Charley Patton, the founder of The Blues
back in the 1920s. Its based on the sole known photo of him.

I made this illustration of our President about all the trouble
and strife that has hung over his head since he came to office.

This is Hillary
Clinton, as a battle-weary warrior who refuses to quit.

As you may have noticed, I like to work in 3-d sculpture. It takes longer to do but I enjoy it and like using dramatic lighting. I use polymer clay, like sculpy or fimo, which I can cook to make it a hard, permanent sculpture.

Check out my website, for more!

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Amr Okacha said...

John Tidwell , what a website man , great