Dec 5, 2011

Hello Sugar Frosted Goodness!

Hi, my name is Korey Scott and I am a children's book illustrator. I just joined Sugar Frosted Goodness and look forward to getting to know everyone here and share our work.

My website is
Also, to follow my artwork on facebook -

Here are a couple samples of my style.


Amr Okacha said...

Hello Korey , How do u do .
At first , good Joob , love this work ,
But a silly Question , , whats deference between Illustrator & Children book Illustrator ???
BTW , the last one is hilarious , Great job

Korey Scott said...

Hello Amr,

Thanks for commenting! I put children's book illustrator because that is what I mostly work on...full color illustrations for books. I also do spot art, characters, bw outlines, coloring books and pretty much whatever, but I spend a lot of time working on full books. I'll go check out your work. Nice to meet you!

Korey Scott said...

Great work Amr....I like your comics style and perspective....something I need to work on myself. I like your realistic sketchy characters too!

Juan Bauty said...

Nice style!

Sarita K. said...

I love your style!

nidhi said...

love the bright colors!

Lou Simeone said...

Hey Korey - nice to see you on SFG. I just joined last night. Looking forward to your posts.

Korey Scott said...

Thanks Sarita, Nidhi, and Lou. You have great work too! Sarita and Nidhi - I'd like to keep up with your work. Lou - we meet agaaaain. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing other artists.