Apr 9, 2013

Gemma Robinson Illustrates For Educause Review

US based Educause Review commissioned me to illustrate three stories in their March/April issue. Educause Review is an award-winning magazine which takes a broad look at current developments and trends in information technology and how they may affect colleges and universities. All three stories were in some way linked to the impact technology has on higher education.

Disaggregated Accreditation by Gemma Robinson
The first story was about accreditation and the need to view higher education institutions as fragments rather than a whole in our rapidly changing world.

We Love E-Books by Gemma Robinson
The second story was titled 'We Love E-Books!' and focused on the need to increase the availability of e-books at libraries.  You can read the story here.

Gateway To The Universe by Gemma Robinson
The third story was about the disruptiveness of technology within higher education which, if embraced, can expand the classroom beyond the limits of four walls to encompass the whole known universe. Full story here. 
Check out more of my illustrations on my website or Behance portfolio.

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