Dec 5, 2010

Eine Kleine Krampusnachtmusik by Jessica Fortner

The Krampus is a demonic creature who accompanies St. Nicholas during Christmas to punish bad children. Feared by the children of Eastern Europe, Krampus is known to thrash the bad ones with birch branches, and is liable to scoop them into his basket for a short trip to the underworld!

His grim legend is the theme for the Krampusnacht 2010 show at Resistor gallery in Toronto. Shown here is Jessica Fortner's Krampus illustration titled "Eine Kleine Krampusnachtmusik".

For process pics and photos of the Krampusnacht 2010 opening night check Jessica's blog:


Tomas Bjornsson said...

This is great. The colours are fantastic, so warm and yet a bit scary - a fantastic illustration

Jessica Fortner said...

Thanks Tomas! So happy that you like it. It was a fun story to illustrate.